How To: Shop the Missguided Christmas Sales

December 27, 2014

Merry Christmas to everyone! Hope you all had an amazing day with your families and friends. I'm sure plenty of you received Christmas money as gifts and are wondering what to spend it on. I, for one, hit the sales this morning at a solid 9am. If that isn't dedication, I don't know what is. Unfortunately however, the sales were quite disappointing as, in my opinion, none of the nice things were on sale. So, I decided to help those of you who were either smart enough to avoid hitting the shops this Stephen's Day, or like me, were disappointed and came home empty handed. I've chosen my favourite items from the Missguided sale, so we can all enjoy the bargains from the comfort of our own homes. I plan on spending some (or all!) of my newly attained Christmas money on the items below, and now you can too. Happy shopping!

1. Brooke Colour Block Hem Swing Dress Baby Blue €32.49 €19.49
2. Adrienne Zip Long Sleeve Bodycon Dress Black €51.99 €38.99
3. Vera Chiffon Midi Dress Cobalt €32.49 €25.99
4. Evette Mesh Bardot Stripe Bodycon Dress White €38.99 €25.99

1. Lena Oversize Cocoon Coat Pink €51.99 €26.00
2. Claudia Velvet High Neck Crop Top Black €13.00 €9.09
3. Chanise Crop Short Sleeve Brush Check Jumper Blue €25.99 €18.19
4. Annika Crop Short Sleeve Monochrome Spot Jumper Black €25.99 €18.19
5. Cropped Roll Neck Quilted Sweater Burgundy €23.39 €16.89

1. Kat Wide Leg Cropped Trousers Khaki €28.60 €14.30
2. Ratka Black High Waisted Cigarette Trousers €28.59 €14.29
3. Kira Silky Cargo Joggers Khaki €25.99 €20.79

2. Matilda Satin Full Midi Skirt Pink €32.50 €19.49
3. Helena Gingham Full Midi Skirt Black €25.99 €19.49
5. Beril Contrast Dogtooth Skirt €25.99 €20.79

(Photos: Missguided
App: PicCollage )

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