How To: Survive a Wet Music Festival

September 07, 2016


Music festivals usually involve hot pants, flower crowns and anything classified as "boho chic". Unfortunately, Ireland doesn't really have the same climate as California, so my weekend spent at Electric Picnic was a far cry from Coachella. 
Hot pants were replaced with jeans, gladiator sandals with wellies and a flower crown with a rain poncho. However, despite sleeping in a waterproof tent (that wasn't really waterproof), and needing to hide from the rain in the "Tiny Tea Tent", I had the most amazing weekend. Festival season may be more or less over, but I'd like to show you how it is possible to survive the rain at any music festival (although I did need a trip to the doctor on Monday...). 

* Wellies are an absolute necessity. I splashed out on a pair of Hunters because a) I'm an idiot, and b) I'm a genius. They are stupidly expensive, but completely worth it. By day three, they were totally covered in mud and I couldn't have been more grateful for them. Timberlands, Doc Martins, nothing could have protected me from the muddy puddles as well as my wellies. Plus, my Hunters were just about the only bit of luxury I experienced throughout the weekend. 
* A rain poncho. Mine was an offensive shade of green, hideous, and a life saver. It didn't do much to save my makeup, but it saved my clothes. However, try to get one with long sleeves, as my parka was soaked from the elbow down.
* Toilet paper, because port-a-loos are vile...and you'll never fail to be surprised at how gross people can be. 
* Hand sanitiser. See above. 
* Sunglasses. For the rare bits of sunshine, when hope prevails and the ponchos come off.

* It isn't worth getting a cheap tent. My waterproof tent lied to me, and it was a disaster. Fortunately, I was innovative with plastic bags, but I've learnt my lesson. Irish weather will have no sympathy on you and your scabbiness. Splash out on a good tent, so you don't get splashed on at night. 
* Wearing a maxi skirt was a mistake. Sunday morning appeared to be sunny, so I took a leap of faith and it backfired. By five o'clock, my skirt was drenched and muddy up to my knees. That's when it was tied to the side, and I headed to the tea tent for warmth. Don't make that mistake, just stick to the jeans. Comfort trumps all.

Side note, if you can ever make it to a Lana Del Rey it. She is a goddess. Her voice is simply heavenly.

Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds were pretty fantastic too. Who doesn't enjoy a few throwback Oasis songs? Wonderwall, anyone? Finally, Jack Garratt is a multitasking genius. I don't know how he can manage to play the drums, guitar, sing and use the synth all at once, but his one man band was spectacular.

A video posted by Lana Del Rey (@lanadelrey) on

Don't be too frightened of the rain. Hiding in your tent for the weekend is a major mistake. Brave it out for the music. I did, and it was totally worth it. 

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